My 2012 NaNoWriMo Experience

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It was decided last month that each of the CWG admin would make a weekly post re: NaNo on our blog. Due to my claim that if I had to write it later, then I would be less likely to give up on my story, I scored the final slot. I believe this is now my designated week. Or possibly I’m a few days late.

As I mentioned on my earlier post, I’m a bit of a NaNo veteran – this is my seventh novel-in-a-month challenge, and my sixth NaNo. My success rate is around 50%. This is the first year I have participated socially in it, and that side of things has made it even more memorable – I am surprised at how many Christchurch people are actively involved in it – and even more who have heard of it.

Is NaNo hard? Sometimes – at times I just wanted to give up, to say “sod this story” and move onto finishing last year’s, or throw myself back into my art. But every day, I found myself back here at the keyboard, typing away, reading over what I’d written and thinking “that ain’t so bad”. By this stage in previous NaNos, I had either succeeded or given up. The twenty-fourth has been traditionally my day for completion. And today I have indeed completed my novel, but am still behind on the wordcount (by about 5000 words). Never mind, I have plans to beef it up and a short story to write as an additional.

For the last three NaNos I have worked full time, for the 2010 one, I wrote through 100s of aftershocks, and also through a course on “writing for children”. Last year I struggled with the plot. Writing is a time-consuming, brain-consuming hobby and it is all too easy to just throw in the towel.

But it’s worth it to persist, to get down those last words and feel the satisfaction of another story completed.

Until the editting begins…

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