May Writing Prompt

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Firstly apologies for not doing one of these last month, as some of you are aware I moved into a new flat and we *still* do not have internet. Which is also why this is a day early because I have internet for the moment (cafe internet is awesome).

On to the prompt. So we have some awesome photos for the prompt today courtesy of Tammie from her trip to Hobbiton!
Green Dragon Fireplace
Inside the Green Dragon

Green Dragon View
The view from the Green Dragon

A line: “Test out the strange glowing liquid!”

A song lyric: “I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one; I hope some day you’ll join us; And the world will be as one” (Imagine by John Lennon)

As always aim for 500+ words for a decent attempt!
Try to use all of them for an added challenge!
But most importantly have fun!

Lady Talia
(who hopes to have internet back up in time for the next month’s prompt!)

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