June Writing Prompt

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Good news I have internet again! So these should go back to being nice and regular again.

So pictures:
Cheshire Cat in Tea
I couldn’t resist…

The mansion
This is the Witley Park Estate – there is a really cool underwater dome on this property.

A line:
“Yes, but nothing beats vinegar for getting the ‘dead body’ smell out of the carpets.”

And a ‘challenge’:
Include in your piece a detailed description of a meal.
Bonus points if the meal is relevant to the plot line.
More bonus points if it isn’t.
Possibilities of baked goods if it appears not to be then turns out to be relevant to the plot.
(Yes it is nearing my dinner time, why?)

As always aim for at least 500 words for a decent attempt!
And try to use all of them for an added challenge!
But most importantly have fun!

Lady Talia, who managed with some difficulty not to get lost on the internet on her way to bring you this 🙂

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