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Exciting news – we are planning our first collaborative collection!

The theme is “Reflections”, to be interpreted in whatever manner you desire – it could be reflections in a mirror, reflecting on a life once lived…Whatever the word sparks in your imagination.

Word count must be no more than 7,000 words (but can be substantially less).

Extracts from a larger story are fine, as long as they stand alone and build to some sort of conclusion – they need to be read entirely independent of the original text. Also, if you wish to use your own world or characters, that is also perfectly fine, just assume the reader has no prior knowledge of it/them.

If you wish you may provide images to go with your text. HOWEVER, these must be images that you have either made yourself or have written permission to use in a  commercial manner. If you have any artist friends who wish to join this collaboration (illustrating your story, for example), they are welcome to join and will be credited accordingly. Any photographs must be yours (ie: taken by you) and any digital manipulations must be digitally manipulated from your own images or stock that you have acquired through legal and appropriate means. All interior illustrations will be black and white.

Although we have not set an official release date for this, please aim to have your first draft completed by the end of August. We will discuss our progress in our August meeting – on the 12th. It would be nice, although not necessarily feasible, if we could have the printed book available by Christmas.

For those of you hoping to enter the Storylines competitions, being published in this manner will not automatically disqualify you (I read the small print).

If you are interested in this project and are not already a member of the Christchurch Writers’ Guild, please visit our Facebook page or drop us an email for further information.

Definitions of “Reflection”

Final volume will be printed via CreateSpace and thus available for sale on Amazon. Ebook formats can also be organised. Once it is done, we will order in multiple copies for members of the Guild (to purchase) and also some copies for general sale. Details for this will be discussed closer to the time.

And as a final note – you will receive no payment for participating in this book and proceeds/royalties (if any) will be donated to the Guild. This is intended as a fun collaboration and also as an introduction into the self publishing industry for those of us who have yet to delve into it.

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