July Writing Prompt

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So you will notice that there wasn’t one of these last month. I could say that it was because I wanted to move the month title to the month I posted these rather than the month that they ‘ended’ (not that they really end as such…). But that would be a blatant lie. The truth is I completely forgot… So the prompts will now have the correct month on them and I will give you a double lot to apologise once again for forgetting…

So first the pictures:
Quinta da Regaleira-Sintra, Portugal
Quinta da Regaleira-Sintra, in Portugal

This image is not mine! I just think it is absolutely amazing.

This is “Reflections” by Cris Ortega – go look up more of his work here: http://www.crisortega.com/


A starting line:

It was a dark and stormy night… Again. John swore that if they didn’t pass the Anti-Weather Magic Act soon he was going to do something that only the witch down the road would regret.

Some Dialogue:

“You’re nuts! Screw that – your whole family’s nuts!”
“Well we’re part pecan from my mom’s side and part pistachio from my dad’s. And I have a half-brother who’s part peanut but he’s a legume so I don’t think he really counts.”

A line:

The last time you said ‘hmm’, we got arrested, so I think I reserve the right to know why you’re going ‘hmm’.”

And finally A challenge:

Describe your characters physical appearance without using a mirror or blatantly stating eye colour hair colour etc.


As always try to aim for at least 500 words for a decent attempt.

Try using more than one for a harder challenge, or all of them for a fiendish one!

But above all Have Fun!

Lady Talia

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