October Writing Prompt

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Hi all,

I promised I wouldn’t forget and here I am, not forgetting 😛

So this month is Nano Prep Month, I don’t want to interfere with that so I will attempt to theme everything so you can use it for Nano Prep… We’ll see how I go…

I won’t skimp on the pictures because I know some of you like them more than other types of prompts. So here is some scenery for you.

October 2013 (2) Oct 2013 (1)

If this is not the scenery used in your world then perhaps they are paintings your character is viewing?  If it is then does your character see this sort of scenery in your novel?
(Once again the pictures are from http://www.goodfon.com)

Because I haven’t done them for a while a word list!

  • Shadow
  • Waste
  • Down
  • City
  • Yeah
  • Whatever
  • Live
  • Juice
  • Belong
  • Unite

If you aren’t using this for Nano prep then the idea is to use all of these words.
If you are then try imagining what sort of circumstances your character might use these words in.

Finally a world building challenge:
Most cultures have holidays specific to celebrating children, does yours? (If not then what was your character’s favourite day as a child?)
What activities were specific to this celebration? (or what made that day so special in your character’s memory?)

That’s all from me today, I will see some of you at the meeting tonight, the rest of you enjoy your Nano Prep (or October)!

Lady Talia
(one of Christchurch’s Municiple Liason’s for National Novel Writing Month – November)


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