End of Year Writing Prompt 2013

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Firstly apologies to those of you not doing NaNoWriMo who missed the writing prompt last month. Being one of the Municipal Liaisons is a little intense and I completely forgot about this…

So instead of a November and December Writing prompt I will give you an early “End of Year” Writing prompt, Christmas and New Years is a busy time for people and writing is often the thing that gets put aside in an attempt to get everything done.

Instead of posting pictures today I have something even better, the following are links to two pages of photos entered into the National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

Everyone should find something inspiring in there I hope!

A World Building exercise:
What do the people in your world do in Midwinter to cheer themselves through the longest night of the year?
It may help to look up some of the ancient traditions of Mid-Winter Festivals (from before electric lighting!)

Conversely what do they do on the shortest night of the year? Are the two related at all?

Finally a double length word list:

  • Sink
  • Bag
  • Hour
  • Miss
  • Raise
  • Cold
  • Understand
  • Light
  • Now
  • Promise
  • Dust
  • Dark
  • Lovely
  • Chord
  • Reaction
  • Remember
  • Please
  • Voice
  • Wake
  • Welcome

If you get time to write, go you! If not then enjoy the holidays!
Once my brain recovers fully from NaNo, then Christmas I will get back to doing these regularly

Lady Talia

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