February 2014 Writing Prompt

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Welcome to 2014!
Things are getting back underway after the holiday break so it is time to get back into writing routines!
Here to help are the friendly Writing Prompts!
So without further ado, for our picture-inspired writers:
Goodfon freeimage 2 Grand Falls, Arizona
So I got her free from the Goodfon website, the second is Grand Falls, Arizona.

A line:
“You villain! What dastardly deeds are you planning? What horribly maleficent plots are young hatching within your insidious mind? Tell me, damn you!”
“Well…at the moment I’m making some milo.”

And finally because this is the ‘love month’ as some call it, what would your character’s perfect date be?

As always try for at least 500 words for a decent attempt,
Bonus virtual points for including all of them in one!

Until Next Month
Lady Talia

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