May Writing Prompt

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Greetings all,
and a special welcome back to one of our gracious Co-Founders just back from her exciting honeymoon in China!!!

DSCF0668 Panjin Red Beach, China

The first of these pictures was actually taken by myself at a certain totally secret location (which may or may not have been taken on a rather momentous occasion and one of the most enjoyable events of the type I think I have ever been to)
The second is Panjin Red Beach in China.

To go with or alternative to this month’s pictures we have a word list:

  • Ride
  • Reason
  • Listen
  • Answer
  • Start
  • Wait
  • Sick
  • Think
  • Popular
  • Few

(Just a reminder the aim with a word list is to try to use all of the words in your response)

Finally, in case none of that has sparked your interest a line:
“You learn more if you don’t knock.”

As always try to get at least 500 words for a decent attempt, and if your really want a challenge try incorporating all of them into one prompt!

Have fun and keep writing!
Lady Talia

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