September Writing Prompt

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So those of you who were at the meeting know that I am feeling particularly brainless today, so please forgive spelling errors… Grammar ones too…

This month’s picture comes courtesy of Judy, the bottom right corner has the photographer 🙂



To go with this we have a challenge, courtesy of David:
Describe your main character/a character in three lines, two good and one bad, or two bad and one good.


A couple of lines, because I can:
“Wherever you are, I commend you on your excellent scheming, your magnificent wardrobe choices and most of all your virtually undetectable hiding places, but the spying is getting a little creepy.”
“I’m going to drink until my internal organs start a revolution and leave.”


As always 500 words + for a decent attempt and the standard extra challenge of using all of them 😀
But above all Have Fun!

Lady Talia


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