October Writing Prompt

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Hi all, it is that time of the month again! Time for me to attempt to help get your writing juices flowing!

First up, images:

Underwater City, Shicheng, China Twins or Lovers freeimage 2

The first is an Underwater City, Shicheng, China (sorry I can’t remember where I got that image). The second is an untitled free image from the Goodfone website.

To go with the images, we have a ‘line’ (yes it is actually a bit of dialogue but hey…):
“Well, excuuuuse me, Princess. Its not like creation comes with a friggin manual or anything!”
“Actually it does.” The priest noted.
“Gimme that. Yes…Yes…Oh hey! Divine Wrath!”

And because I can, a word list:

  • Tiny
  • Blue
  • Dance
  • Freak
  • Laugh
  • Tune
  • Sheet
  • Busy
  • Always
  • Count

As always try for at least 500 words for a decent attempt, but above all have fun!!

Lady Talia

Ps – Look at that I managed the whole post without plugging Nano anywhere!
http://nanowrimo.org – 19 sleeps to go!

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