November Writing Prompt

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Hi all!

For those of you doing I hope your wordcounts are going well! If not I hope this helps!

So for those of you who prefer images:
Tunnel of Light Location Unknown (3)
I wish I could remember where I had found either of these. The second has a signature that I can’t make out enough to link.

To go with these pictures we have a challenge:
Your character has been outside digging a large hole for several hours when they realize that they can’t recall why they are digging it. Retrace their steps to try to discover their motivation!

And a line:
“If those two ever meet, they’ll either learn a lot from each other, or kill each other. Want to try it? I’m taking bets.”

As always have fun! Try to meld them all together for some extra fun!
For the Wrimos – good luck on your wordcounts! See you at the TGIO if not before! Everyone else, write well!
Lady Talia

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