December Writing Prompt

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Hi all,

Look at me actually doing a December writing prompt this year! Go me!
(I’m not just waiting for something to download or for it to be time to head to tonight’s meeting…. Of Course not…)

So pictures:
Dragon Girl freeimage


The first was taken by me at Antonio Hall, the second is a free image from goodfone.

To go with these have a couple of lines:
“We’re not lost, we’re on an adventure!”
and “If you say ‘it could always be worse’ I will kill you.”

And a word list:

  • Become
  • Wait
  • See
  • Freeze
  • Scream
  • Take
  • Amaze
  • Spin
  • Step
  • Hit

As always, about 500 word minimum, have a go at combining them but above all have fun!
See you next year,
Lady Talia



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