March Writing Prompt

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Hello all, (Yes, I am early. It probably won’t happen again.)

So Christchurch Armageddon was this weekend so this might just be a little inspired by my purchases yesterday…

Bag End The Shire

The first I now have a shiny print copy of :D, the second I believe is a photo of Hobbiton up north.

(optional) A drawing challenge: Draw the layout of your character’s childhood home.

What is an important piece of jewellery to your character? Is it an heirloom piece? Or a gift from a lover? Is it something related to a plot line or just something the character treasures?

And a couple of lines:

“Damnit Jim I’m a bricklayer not a doctor” – Karl Urban at Christchurch Armageddon 8th March 2015
(He did correct himself to put them the other way around but this one is more fun).

“Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”


As always 500 words for a decent attempt and try incorporating them all for added fun.
But above all have fun and keep writing!

Lady Talia

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