May Writing Prompt

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So, I just realised I managed to miss April and completely not notice! Opps! Sorry!


Ilustracion 55 de Forgotten 2:
Ilustracion 55 de Forgotten 2: “La Rosa de los Vientos”

This one is by Chris Ortega, you should look up his stuff.

World's Edge

Not sure where this is, the photo is just called “World’s edge”

To go with our lovely pictures, how about a word list, I haven’t done one of those in a while:

  • Rekindle
  • Reassurance
  • Prognosticate
  • Pontificate
  • Coddle
  • Commiserate
  • Rejuvinate
  • Zen
  • Hope
  • Reenergize

and finally a line:
“I’ve always believed in the one, two, three rule: one horrific life-threatening accident is an accident; two are a coincidence; and three means you really need to consider another line of work.”

Have fun!
Lady Talia

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