Character Building (23 July 2016)

silhouettegirlrunningWhat makes a good story great? Characters. Characters who could be your best friend or your frenemy. Characters that you can fall in love with or love to loathe. Characters who make you laugh and make you cry. Characters you believe in.

Do you want to create a strong cast, keep your characterisation consistent and  get inside your characters’ heads?

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop on:

Character Building

Saturday July 23, 2016, 10.30am – 12.30pm
Upper Riccarton Library, Main South Road

Cost: $10

Topics include:
Creating memorable characters: protagonists, antagonists and supporting cast.
Character Psychology.
Writing non-human characters.

Combined with interactive activities and practical exercises.
Please bring with you a couple of pre-created characters.

Pre-register your intent to attend on our facebook event page or drop us an email.
Further details coming soon, but door sales should be available.

Our Guest Speakers are Guild founding members: Beaulah Pragg and Angela Oliver.

Beaulah Pragg  has written and published the first book in the Chronicles of Tyria trilogy. She has taught writing to young people and guest lectured at Au Contraire, 2013, on Character Psychology.

Angela Oliver has written and published three novels, and several short stories,  specialising in quirky and non-human characters. She has a BSc in psychology and zoology. Her cast of unpublished characters is vast, all patiently awaiting the chance for their tales to be told. You can meet more of her characters through her blog: