Book Review: Stuck in the Game

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stuckinthegameStuck in the Game by Christopher Keene
Reviewed by Angela Oliver

“Stuck in the Game” is an entertaining computer-game adventure, well suited to young teens. It tells the story of Noah who, after a tragic accident that leaves him in a coma, is hooked into the virtual world of the Dream Game. This plunges him into a fantastical world that may feel artificial, but is his only means of communication with the outside world. Learning that his girlfriend, Sue, also suffered serious injuries, and may indeed have also been sent into the game, Noah resolves to find her.

However, Noah’s link to the game is his only link to the world — should he die in game, or logout, the consequences for his mortal body could be fatal. To protect him, his parents have employed a high level player as his bodyguard, and he has other allies amongst the players. But will they be enough when Noah earns a bounty on his head?

For those readers not well-versed in the ways of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), never fear, for the tactics and background is described in enough detail for the non-gamer to understand, whilst also not becoming overly bogged down in jargon. And whilst the story starts relatively slow, it does build to a dramatic conclusion.

“Stuck in the Game” is published by Future House Publishing. It is available in ebook and  paperback via Amazon and other online retailers.

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