Workshop (March 2016)

The Christchurch Writers’ Guild are pleased to announce the second in our 2016 Workshop Series:

Creating Worlds:
World Building Tips and Techniques

Wednesday 16th March, 2016 from 7-9pm
Imagination Station, Shop 3,
Cathedral Junction, 113 Worcester Street, 8011, Christchurch


World building is not just about creating fantastical otherworlds — it is also about creating a tangible, real, environment for your characters and stories. The politics, the religion, and the legends. The topography, the medicines, and the social structures. All of it must be explored. From the ancient cultures through to the modern information era and beyond, regardless the world, they must feel real.

Come join us for this interactive workshop on designing and developing your character’s world. With LEGO!

Registrations are now closed.
Registrations are now open through Dash Tickets. (Be advised that fees apply for credit card charges.)
Door sales will be available, depending on the number of advanced registrants. Spaces are limited.

Our Guest Speaker is Judy L Mohr: editor, writer and world-builder. While her initial training was in scientific writing, her real passion is for fiction, where the imagination can run wild. Her editorial credits span multiple genres, including fantasy, thrillers, woman’s fiction, and scientific research publications. Judy’s personal writing is of a fantasy and science-fiction flair, filled with adventure, dark monsters, humour and romance. Her settings range from the modern military culture through to imaginary medieval societies. Her biggest philosophy when it comes to world-building is that even if it’s fake, it needs to be real. You can learn more about Judy and her personal writing endeavours at

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