Book Review: Back in the Game

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Back in the Game (Dream State Saga, #2)Back in the Game by Christopher Keene
Reviewed by Angela Oliver

“Back in the Game” continues Noah’s story, returning him once more to the Dream State virtual world – this time with a specific goal in mind: to seek vengeance for the murder of his girlfriend, Sue. However, the evidence, hidden in a Transfer Orb, has fallen into the hands of a newbie player, and Noah and his friends must fight through dungeons, monsters, and dragon nests to find it before Wona does – for Wona will do anything to keep its good name clean and its dark past a secret.

A stronger and more competent tale than its predecessor, Keene has clearly gained both in skill and confidence. In the virtual realm, his imagination can really take flight – into some rather unexpected places. There are twists and turns, and quite a few surprises, along with plenty of action. Due to the virtual nature of the world, perhaps the stakes were not as severe as they could have been: death is not the end, merely a chance to have your treasured possessions stolen, and character development could have stronger, but overall an engaging and interesting read, with an ending to make you eager for the next installment!

Back in the Game, and its predecessor, Stuck in the Game are published via FutureHouse Publishing. You can purchase them on ebook or in physical format via Amazon: here.