Jean Flannery

Jean was jeanflannery4born towards the end of WWII in Bletchley, England, home to the famous code-breaking site Bletchley Park: “Station X.” By the age of ten she had moved with her family to Stewartby, a small village just outside Bedford that was then home to the largest brickworks in the world.

She spent a number of her early adult years living overseas on three of the five continents before returning to England in 1974. In 2014 she moved to Christchurch, to join her daughter and family already living here. She keeps busy in her retirement with various activities in addition to her writing.

With sons and grandsons, other family and friends, in the USA, the UK and around the globe, Jean has gratefully embraced the technology that enables instant communication with all.

Jean’s writings include her childhood memoir, “Bucks, Beds and Bricks“, on growing up in post-war England, and “Variegated Verse“, a collection of poems written over a number of years. Both of these are available from Amazon and The Book Depository.