Writing Links

Local Publishers

Millwheel Press

Millwheel Press is a small, independent publisher founded in 2012 to offer works of speculative and mystery fiction with New Zealand settings, written by New Zealand authors.

Also offers editorial services

Keswin Publishing Ltd

Keswin Publishing specialises in helping you to create diamond quality publications about your real life experiences. Publisher of Christchurch Earthquake and local non fiction.

Courses and Classes

Writing Diamonds Ltd

Writing Diamonds teaches writers how to transform their manuscripts into polished gems.

Editorial Services

Black Wolf Editorial Services

Black Wolf Editorial Services offers editing services for all genres, including line editing, developmental editing and manuscript critiques.


Other groups

SpecFic NZ is the association for creators, writers and editors of fantasy, science fiction and horror in or from New Zealand. The organisation was founded in March 2009 to build a community focused on the promotion and proliferation of all aspects of the speculative fiction genre in this country.

South Island Writers’ Association are a friendly group of writers based in Christchurch, New Zealand. To become a member must be a published writer or provide sample manuscripts for evaluation.

New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.) is a membership based arts organisation, representing 1,400 writers nationally. Membership fee, open to unpublished authors.

Writing Resources

3 a.m. Epiphany Project is a blog dedicated to working through all the challenges from Brian Kiteley’s book of the same name.

Duotrope is the one stop shop for all your short story publishing needs. It is an exhaustive and fully searchable database of nearly every online and print magazine and anthology out there – along with user statistics on things like acceptance rate and response time. They even have a calendar of upcoming requested submissions if your looking for an idea of something to write about.

Scribophile is an on-line critiquing site dedicated to helping writers improve their stories and develop their writing in a supportive environment. All members of the site are writers, new and experienced.

The Writer’s Bloc is a magical place where you can get quality feedback on your writing, read fantastic stories for free, engage in a growing community of writers.

Wattpad – whatever you’re into, it’s all free on Wattpad: the world’s largest community for readers and writers. A good place for beginning writers to share their work and receive reviews etc.

Inkitt is very similar to Wattpad. Has regular competitions.

CreateSpace is an Amazon-linked company that contains all the tools necessary to independently publish your own books. Many of our authors have used CreateSpace – look for tutorials on the blog.

Lulu is another print-on-demand company for independent publishing.

Goodreads is the place for book reviews and to find your next great read. If you are a published author, and your title does not appear on Goodreads, let us know and we’ll see it gets up there.

Member’s Websites and Blogs

Beaulah Pragg
Spring of Serenity
Judy Mohr
The Power of Story
Chris Yee
Kahuna Education Stories
Helen Mongillo
Olwynne Cade
RJ Vickers
Glenn Sparrow
Begin at the Beginning
The Rabbit Hill
NZ Writer Blog
Words and Pictures

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