Meet the Committee

Our 2017/18 Committee are as follows:

jennerlichtwark President: Jenner Lichtwark
Jenner Lichtwark is the editor/owner of Millwheel Press and writes murder mysteries, YA urban fantasy, freeform poems, and stories for children under the pen-name J.L. O’Rourke. Trained as a journalist, Jenner worked in newspapers, radio and as a freelance writer for longer than she cares to remember. She lives in North Canterbury with an assortment of hairless dogs, fluffy cats, grumpy guinea pigs and an alpaca.
angelaoliver Secretary: Angela Oliver
Angela Oliver is an author and illustrator, who also dabbles in formatting. She has independently published several novels, and assisted other authors through the self-publishing process. Angela also handles and administrates the Writers’ Guild Blog. She writes fantasy, generally with animal characters.
Portfolios: Blog, Newsletter, Membership List.
emlowe2 Co-Treasurer: Emma Lowe
Emma Lowe moved to North Canterbury from Dunedin three years ago. She promptly joined the CWG and was overwhelmed to discover not only a network of writers, but a group of people who have become close personal friends. She has been focusing on her writing ever since (at least when she’s not juggling kids and the family business). She predominantly writes romance, and is also a member of Romance Writers of New Zealand, amongst other writing organisations.
Portfolios: Newsletter
 judymohr2 Co-Treasurer: Judy L Mohr
Judy L Mohr is a writer of fantasy and science fiction. She is also a freelance editor with Black Wolf Editorial Services , working on projects from writers around the world. When she isn’t writing, editing or doing something for writing within the local community, she is hosting her own radio show about science on KLRN Radio. You can find out more about Judy’s various projects on her personal website or follow her on twitter (@JudyLMohr).
Portfolios: Social Media, Online Forums (with Raymond Lum)
jonelleinbread Social Secretary: Jonelle Case
Jonelle Case is the social events planner for the Guild. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications at Canterbury University. While most of her free time is spent raising a family, she also writes Young Adult fiction while eating lollycake and stalking celebrity lookalikes.
Portfolios: Social Secretary
AARaymond 0003 Additional Committee: Raymond Lum
Raymond Lum has a back ground in Film and Television and has almost finished writing a script.  He is looking forward to helping with the guild where he can. He currently works at the airport. Other interests are Ingress and Geocaching,  as well as the gym. Sometimes he goes for bike ride. Portfolio: Social Media, Online Forums (with Judy L Mohr)
 Rochelle Additional Committee: Rochelle Mayes
Rochelle Mayes is the author of large numbers of incomplete fantasy manuscripts which may one day be finished. She is an avid participant and former Municipal Liaison of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and has been known to write over two hundred thousand words in a single month. She has been a member of the Christchurch Writers Guild since it’s inception and is a regular of the Night Owls (and the less well known Early Birds).

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