Angela Oliver

Author, illustrator; Reader, dreamer.

Angela “LemurKat” Oliver was born and raised in New Zealand. She currently resides in the lovely (if sometime shaky) city of Christchurch where she lives with her husband and overactive imagination. She has a passion for nature, and is particularly fond of birds and lemurs.

She has three novels indi-published via Amazon, and is currently working on an epic fantasy  series – with lemurs. Book one, “Fellowship of the Ringtails” has been released and she is currently hard at work (mentally if not physically) on the sequel.

When not writing (all too common nowadays), Angela is drawing. Her other projects include creating her own trading card game, Zootrophy, and drawing almost every single animal in the world. She has also designed a New Zealand themed tarot deck and had her art printed on everything from tote bags to t-shirts.

Read Judy’s interview with Angela here.

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