Rachel Carlyon


Rachel Carlyon is just your average blue-eyed blonde with a kick-ass attitude to boot.
She likes many-a-things: music, movies, dancing and hanging with friends — the usual really!
Born in March, 1995, Rachel’s gone far in her life: through school, (part of) college and two jobs. First in retail then in private healthcare.
She loves motorbikes and is a member of the Plains Motorcycle Club, even though currently as her father’s pillion. She goes to a few of the rallies and even helped organise one with her club — The Sundown Retreat — an excellent rally, indeed.

Her philosophy:
“I’m loud, crazy, big, bold and beautiful and you’ll love me or hate me. Either is okay, I don’t live my life for you. I live it for me!
“My name is Rachel – and world, come at me bro!”

Check out Rachel’s wattpad account or read our interview with Rachel here.

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