Spectra — An Anthology

The Christchurch Writers’ Guild are seeking submissions for our next anthology. Spectra will be a collection of stories, poems and images all showing The Many Shades of Life.

“The world is not black and white; it’s filled with colour.”

What we are looking for:
We are looking for flash fiction, poems, short stories, creative non-fiction and illustrations from a wide range of genres.

  • Short Stories up to 7000 words are sought, polished and engaging stories. All stories should be self-contained.
  • Flash Fiction, up to 2000 words. Remember flash fiction is a slice of life, presenting an interesting and compelling story.
  • Poetry. All forms will be considered: metered and unmetered; traditional and experimental.
  • Creative Non-Fiction. Tell us that anecdote and tell it well. Word count limits are the same as short stories and flash fiction.
  • Illustrations. Many writers are also talented artists, so we welcome these submissions too. Please ensure that all illustrations render well in black-and-white; however, we will accept colour images for digital publications. High resolution images are required for printing.

What we are NOT looking for:

  • Please no explicit sexual content or violence.
  • Any swearing must be story appropriate. NOT gratuitous.

Formatting and Submissions:
All submissions should:

  • use UK English spelling,
  • be proof-read and grammar checked,
  • use single spacing after full stops (periods),
  • and double quote marks around speech.

Stories should be in TXT, RTF or DOC format. Illustrations should be in JPG or PNG format. DO NOT SEND PDF FILES.

Please email all submissions to:

Submissions close: 30th June, 2016

We reserve the right to reject your submission, or request an edit.


No remuneration can be given for works included in this anthology (i.e. we cannot pay you). All participants will be given a free digital copy and offered reduced rates for printed copies. Each work included will remain the intellectual property of the writer/illustrator.

All proceeds go to the Christchurch Writers’ Guild.

Last updated: Jan 17, 2016