WorldCon Collection

In August 2020, the world is coming to New Zealand! For the annual science fiction and fantasy convention, Worldcon.

Hosted in lovely Wellington, with over 2000 guests expected, we want to introduce as many of them as we can to our local authors.

Thus we call on you, writers of Christchurch, Canterbury, and afar, to send us a short biography, a short story or extract from a story that you feels showcases your published works, and a list of those published works and where they can be acquired.

We will compile them together, onto a website or into an ebook, and distribute the link via bookmarks slipped into the Convention Goodie Bags.

A few simple guidelines:

  • You must have at least one published work that is commercially available.
  • Your work (both the published work and the sample) must fall under the genre of “fantasy”, “science fiction” or contain related themes (ie: horror or thriller with supernatural elements).
  • Please ensure that your sample of writing has been adequately proof-read. We will not be editing it for you, and a well edited piece will showcase your talents more than one with errors.
  • Please email all of the above to Story should be supplied as an attachment, the other information can go into the body of the email.